Your own co-branding prepaid card or credit card for your customers.

Prepaid and credit cards with your own logo and design
eye-catching advertising in the hand of your customers
Attractive commissions month for month and year for year
You choose the name, the design and the price of the card
quick and professional processing by our team

Welcome to Card Compact - your co-branded prepaid and credit card provider!

We are one of the leading providers for implementing VISA and MasterCard prepaid and credit card programmes and enable your company, association or club to create its own prepaid or credit cards and market them quickly, simply and successfully.

Increase brand recognition and project your company's image to a broad population, increase revenue and have your brand name and logo serve as a constant reminder to your costumers in the form of prepaid or credit card. Enhance customer loyalty and help employees further identify with their company. There are many ways to use a co-branded prepaid card or credit card for marketing purposes. The possibilities are endless.

Card Compact offers a greater range of services and more favourable conditions to its competitors on the credit card market and would be pleased to have you join our network of successful and satisfied partners!